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Google to Penalize Sites That Aren't Mobile Friendly

Are you still resisting the upgrade to a mobile-friendly website? You might have more motivation than ever to make the jump. Google recently announced that on April 21st it will release a mobile-friendly algorithm change.

Responsive website for AL!VE built by Nicholas Creative.

What does it mean? Simply put, Google intends to penalize...

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Factors You Didn't Know Were Impacting Your SEO

Lots of people claim to "know a bit about SEO," but the more of these people you talk to, the more you'll come to understand that most of what they know is a little dated.

The strange thing about SEO is just how fast it moves. Even if you did have a good grasp on things a couple years ago, if you haven't kept up, you're basically a dinosaur. People mention things like "meta keywords" and "keyword density" that are now basically...

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LAUNCHED 2014 Event to Celebrate Greater Lansing Business Innovation

Expanded annual event for local entrepreneurs to be held in Old Town Lansing, features Sleepwalker Spirits founders and final $10,000 Hatching competition

The sixth-annual LAUNCHED event, the Greater Lansing region's premier celebration of local business innovation, will be held in Old Town Lansing in recognition of the area's contribution to and support of local business development.

LAUNCHED 2014 will take place December 11...

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Guest Post: Let Your Web Designer Design Your Website

Guest post by Adam Henige, managing partner at Netvantage Marketing.

Netvantage just had its website re-designed by Nicholas Creative. We love it. We've received nothing but positive feedback so far, and we're proud to have it as the face of our internet company. As someone who's worked in, around and on websites for many years, I believe one reason we ended up with such a nice finished product was that we let the web...

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Twitter Analytics for the Masses

You’ve heard of Twitter, but are you familiar with Twitter Analytics? Twitter Analytics was previously only available to advertisers and verified users, but within the last week, it became available to all. As such, we feel obligated to provide a quick and dirty introduction.

The Twitter Analytics dashboard provides data for each individual tweet, including replies and promoted tweets. The data includes impressions, engagements and...

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Is It Time to Take Google+ Seriously?

If you've searched Google for a nearby business, chances are you're familiar with local listings, often plotted on a map central to your location—and if you're one of those businesses hoping to be found by consumers searching locally, it's critical to understand the value of a well-optimized local search presence.

On June 11, Google introduced "Google My Business," previously called Google Places, which it hopes will encourage small...

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Nicholas Creative Launches Football IQ Mobile App

In 2010, Nicholas Creative teamed up with Netvantage Marketing to launch Football IQ Score, a website where sports enthusiasts take a test mimicking the Wonderlic intelligence test administered to pro football players as part of the NFL draft.

The website provides the Average Joe (or Joelle) an opportunity to measure his or her own aptitude for learning and problem-solving and see how they measure up to famous football players–from low...

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Nicholas Creative Expands Grand Rapids Office Space

Nicholas Creative is moving into a new, larger suite in its current downtown Grand Rapids office building at 38 W Fulton, located on the third floor above the Sanchez Tapas Bistro.

Nicholas Creative will also add two more employees in Grand Rapids to support development and project management functions.

Three Pointers to Improve Your Local Search Listing

The phrase, “location, location, location” is a well-known saying that refers to the importance of where a property is located. To many, the site of a business is a big make-or-break factor. While the physical location of a business is still vital to its success, consumers now also rely heavily on online search engines to shop local businesses. This means a business’s local search listing is just as significant as its location, location,...

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Three Things Driving Your Search Rankings Down the Toilet

With every one of Google’s most recent updates, many websites get clobbered in the rankings. Unfortunately, small business owners who contract out their search engine and online marketing work often bear the brunt of the fallout. There are some invisible killers to your search traffic, and you need to know what they are. Here are three examples of what might be causing your traffic drop.

  • Robots.txt file is blocking site...
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