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Nicholas Creative Launches Football IQ Mobile App

In 2010, Nicholas Creative teamed up with Netvantage Marketing to launch Football IQ Score, a website where sports enthusiasts take a test mimicking the Wonderlic intelligence test administered to pro football players as part of the NFL draft.

The website provides the Average Joe (or Joelle) an opportunity to measure his or her own aptitude for learning and problem-solving and see how they measure up to famous football players–from low...

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Nicholas Creative Expands Grand Rapids Office Space

Nicholas Creative is moving into a new, larger suite in its current downtown Grand Rapids office building at 38 W Fulton, located on the third floor above the Sanchez Tapas Bistro.

Nicholas Creative will also add two more employees in Grand Rapids to support development and project management functions.

Three Pointers to Improve Your Local Search Listing

The phrase, “location, location, location” is a well-known saying that refers to the importance of where a property is located. To many, the site of a business is a big make-or-break factor. While the physical location of a business is still vital to its success, consumers now also rely heavily on online search engines to shop local businesses. This means a business’s local search listing is just as significant as its location, location,...

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Three Things Driving Your Search Rankings Down the Toilet

With every one of Google’s most recent updates, many websites get clobbered in the rankings. Unfortunately, small business owners who contract out their search engine and online marketing work often bear the brunt of the fallout. There are some invisible killers to your search traffic, and you need to know what they are. Here are three examples of what might be causing your traffic drop.

  • Robots.txt file is blocking site...
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    The Day The Data Died

    If you've happened to look at your organic search traffic numbers in Google Analytics lately, you've likely seen a puzzling trend. It's quite likely the most searched term leading visitors to your website is "not provided." Huh?

    Since October of 2011, Google has slowly waged a campaign to remove all search data from analytics for users logged in to Google products. Of course, Google has done everything within their power to increase...

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    Nicholas Creative Creates Website for Plas-Labs

    Nicholas Creative has recently launched a new website for Plas-Labs, a world leader in manufacturing equipment for research laboratories. With hundreds of products in the Plas-Labs inventory, Nicholas Creative designed and developed a site robust enough to feature the unique specifications and features of each. The site boasts a Drupal content management system.

    About Plas-Labs

    Located in Lansing, Mich., Plas-Labs manufactures world-...

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    How To Avoid Paying On Your Own Name In PPC

    I recently had the chance to speak to a small business owner who was having an issue with their paid search spending. They had a very limited campaign on Google AdWords, and the main impetus behind it was that one of their competitors had started bidding on their brand name. This competitor had started stealing some of their traffic and, in response, this business owner wisely started a campaign centered around their brand. With a high...

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    LAUNCHED 2012 Brings Lansing Business Leaders Together

    More than 200 business and community leaders from the Greater Lansing region and beyond gathered in East Lansing’s State News Technology Center on December 13th for LAUNCHED 2012, the region’s premier celebration of local and regional business innovation. LAUNCHED 2012 was a part of the Capital Gains Speaker series. Nicholas Creative co-produced the fourth annual event with Live Concepts Media and Capital Gains. 

    From L to R:...

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    Nicholas Creative Builds Data Recovery Group Website

    Nicholas Creative recently launched a website for Data Recovery Group. With services ranging from personal photo retrieval to corporate server data salvage, Data Recovery was seeking a clean-cut site that informs prospects and drives sales leads. Using a Drupal Content Management System, Nicholas Creative provided web design and development services to create a functional and appealing online presence for the company.

    About Data...
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    Scrape Not, Lest Ye Be Scraped

    Google's greatest hypocrisy yet

    Recently Google brought down the hammer on service providers like Raven Tools, who were doing the unthinkable— scraping Google's data to supply to their customers! Yep, they were crawling Google's data and returning it to their customers so people could track how they were doing on Google. Of course, this goes against Google's terms of service, but this has been going on for years with no real fear of Google...

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