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Constant SEO Improvement Via Google Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools)

SEO can be a massive undertaking for businesses large and small. The interesting thing about SEO, though, is that you can bite off as large as small of chunks as possible as you try to improve your visibility in search engines. If you’re a small or medium size business, though, it’s likely that you don’t have an enormous amount of resources to direct to your SEO efforts. If this is your predicament, fear not, there are still some fairly low effort/high return approaches you can take to your SEO, and today we’re going to show you one of those approaches.

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Factors You Didn't Know Were Impacting Your SEO

Lots of people claim to "know a bit about SEO," but the more of these people you talk to, the more you'll come to understand that most of what they know is a little dated.

The strange thing about SEO is just how fast it moves. Even if you did have a good grasp on things a couple years ago, if you haven't kept up, you're basically a dinosaur. People mention things like "meta keywords" and "keyword density" that are now basically irrelevant. "Link building" is now "link earning."

Head spinning yet? If so, it's easy to understand why.

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Is It Time to Take Google+ Seriously?

If you've searched Google for a nearby business, chances are you're familiar with local listings, often plotted on a map central to your location—and if you're one of those businesses hoping to be found by consumers searching locally, it's critical to understand the value of a well-optimized local search presence.

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Three Pointers to Improve Your Local Search Listing

The phrase, “location, location, location” is a well-known saying that refers to the importance of where a property is located. To many, the site of a business is a big make-or-break factor. While the physical location of a business is still vital to its success, consumers now also rely heavily on online search engines to shop local businesses. This means a business’s local search listing is just as significant as its location, location, location. Due to the importance of local listings, it is vital that a business’s online listing is in tip-top shape.

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Three Things Driving Your Search Rankings Down the Toilet

With every one of Google’s most recent updates, many websites get clobbered in the rankings. Unfortunately, small business owners who contract out their search engine and online marketing work often bear the brunt of the fallout. There are some invisible killers to your search traffic, and you need to know what they are. Here are three examples of what might be causing your traffic drop.

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The Day The Data Died

If you've happened to look at your organic search traffic numbers in Google Analytics lately, you've likely seen a puzzling trend. It's quite likely the most searched term leading visitors to your website is "not provided." Huh?

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How To Avoid Paying On Your Own Name In PPC

I recently had the chance to speak to a small business owner who was having an issue with their paid search spending. They had a very limited campaign on Google AdWords, and the main impetus behind it was that one of their competitors had started bidding on their brand name. This competitor had started stealing some of their traffic and, in response, this business owner wisely started a campaign centered around their brand. With a high quality score and little competition, the clicks weren't all that expensive and their traffic returned to their previous levels for a reasonable price.

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Scrape Not, Lest Ye Be Scraped

Google's greatest hypocrisy yet

Recently Google brought down the hammer on service providers like Raven Tools, who were doing the unthinkable— scraping Google's data to supply to their customers! Yep, they were crawling Google's data and returning it to their customers so people could track how they were doing on Google. Of course, this goes against Google's terms of service, but this has been going on for years with no real fear of Google punishment. I mean, all Google does is scrape data all day so they couldn't be this big of hypocrites, could they?

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Why Rankings Aren't That Important

Everyone wants to be number one. No matter what it is that you do, you're taught your entire life that being number one is the most important thing in the world. In SEO, that's long been the prevailing need of customers, "Get me ranked number one!" Well, I'm here to tell you that it's really not that important. 

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The Changing Face Of The Google SERP

If you don't pay that much attention to format when you're doing a Google search, it may have slipped by you that the changes to the SERP (search engine results page) have been plentiful recently. Both in format and context, Google has made some pretty drastic changes in its format and some of them have not been greeted warmly.

Here's the rundown:

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