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'Mobilegeddon' is Just the Beginning

Google'Mobilegeddon' didn’t pack the punch it promised—but what’s next?

In mid-April, Google launched a new mobile-friendly algorithm that, according to all the buzz, was going to significantly change mobile search. The update—dubbed “Mobilegeddon”—was supposed to give a substantial ranking boost to mobile-friendly site in Google’s mobile search results. 

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Did Your Website Come With a Warranty?

Most goods, from computers to cars to condos, are warrantied as an assurance to consumers. But, what about services such as websites, IT support or consulting engagements? Think back to the last time you hired a service firm… did it guarantee results?

When investment in your website infrastructure can exceed the cost of a vehicle, or even a house, it makes sense for the vendor to warranty its services. If your web agency is unwilling to guarantee its work, that could be a red flag.

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Google to Penalize Sites That Aren't Mobile Friendly

Are you still resisting the upgrade to a mobile-friendly website? You might have more motivation than ever to make the jump. Google recently announced that on April 21st it will release a mobile-friendly algorithm change.

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Guest Post: Let Your Web Designer Design Your Website

Guest post by Adam Henige, managing partner at Netvantage Marketing.

Netvantage just had its website re-designed by Nicholas Creative. We love it. We've received nothing but positive feedback so far, and we're proud to have it as the face of our internet company. As someone who's worked in, around and on websites for many years, I believe one reason we ended up with such a nice finished product was that we let the web designers do their job.

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10 Free Sites for Awesome Mini Pixel Icon Sets

Everyone likes free stuff! Designers, bloggers and even those who just want to add a little flair to their desktops are no exceptions. Below are 10 great sites that offer free mini pixel icons and icon sets. On most websites, the icons are free as long as users adhere to the specific rules and licensing agreements. In some cases, users may have to either notify the artists about using the icons or give them credit.

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How to Tell the Client You Don't Accommodate IE6

By guest author Frank Anderson Letting go of the past and moving on from what once worked but has now become desperately outdated can often be difficult, especially for clients.  But, sometimes you as an entrepreneur or a business owner have to bite the proverbial bullet and let them know change is what is best for both them and their businesses. A prime example of that hesitance to change from what once worked is Internet Explorer 6.

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Web Design Suicide Episode 2 - The Bon Scott Technique

Based on the success of our first edition of Web Design Suicide, we couldn't help but bring it back for another go around.  Spending WAY too much time on the web obviously has its disadvantages - you hurt your eyes, you get out of shape, carpal tunnel sets in, etc - but the benefits of finding websites that simultaneously make you cringe, smile and cry makes it all worth it.  Well, at least it does to us.

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5 Free Web Design Resources That Will Save The World (Or At Least Save You A Lot Of Time)

Ever since I saw a man get an entire shoe box full of eight track tapes at a garage sale years ago for a nickel I've kept an eye out for good deals. In the web design world, it's not often that you can find a great deal or a shortcut that can help you get a job done with less effort. Discovering these gems can make your day/week/month/year, depending on what project you're working on. And if you can find some freebies that do the job, then you have truly struck gold, my friends.

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Righting the Ship With Tough Web Design Clients

No matter what industry you're in, if you sell a product or service you will undoubtedly run into the occasional client who you just don't see eye to eye with.  They communicate too much or too little, they want to micromanage you at your job or there's just a general personality clash.  Sometimes you just tough it out and make it work, but if you've ever been in this position sometimes you just can't help but think, "There has to be a better way."

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Open Source Content Management - Web Developer's Friend or Foe?

Times they are a changin'...

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